Niigata Prefecture Uonuma "Koshihikari" Unwashed rice 1 kg (approx. 6 pieces) Produced in 2018 Special package with chuck
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Weight 1050g
Width 72mm
Height 170mm
Depth 231mm
Koshihikari from Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture.
Koshihikari no-washed rice.

【How to cook delicious rice without washing】
・ The amount of grains of rice increases at the time of measurement, because it removes water loss.
Please add a little more than normal rice.
When measuring with a cup only for non-washed rice, it is OK with the scale of the rice cooker.
・ When mixing rice, stir gently in a rice cooker to blend in with rice and water, and can be deliciously cooked if it is immersed for 30 minutes or more in summer and 1 hour or more in winter.
・ After cooking
Cook for about 15 minutes without opening the lid of the rice cooker, and eat it well from the bottom of the kettle.
・ There is a non-washed rice course with one point rice cooker, cup sizes are different, and there are various things.
First try cooking according to the instruction manual of the rice cooker, and then adjust the water level as you like.