Marumi shop Noritama & Variety 5 types 20 bags included
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Weight 50g
Width 60mm
Height 60mm
Depth 130mm
"Noritama" "Aji-donraku" "Sakifuri" "Sukiyaki" "Tarako".
I packed 5 kinds of sprinkles into a small bag respectively.
Because it is a one-time use type pouch, you can easily use it for lunch boxes and vacations.
As a line-up for sprinkles, it is a popular series for Marumiya Foods, so it is a combination that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy.
In addition, gusset bag of this product adopts "easy opening" method that is easy for anyone to open easily.

Ingredients: Noritama / sesame seeds, chicken eggs, sugar, flour, lactose, salt, processed soybeans, nori, koshian, mackerel, margarine, palm oil, seaweed calcium, extract (chicken, salmon, seafood, yeast), chicken, starch, Chicken fat, skimmed milk powder, soy sauce, powdered vegetable protein, powdered green tea, green tea, sweet potato, glucose fructose sugar, egg yolk oil, yeast, mirin, rapeseed oil, butter, soy oil, seasoning (amino acid), carotenoid pigment, antioxidant ( Vitamin E) Amusement / Sesame, Sesame section, sugar, salt, chicken egg, soy sauce, seasoned Nori seaweed, palm oil, flour, mirin, rapeseed oil, starch, extract (starch, yeast, chicken), processed soybean, calcium seaweed, Powdered vegetable protein, soybean oil, pea oil, margarine, koshian, matcha green tea, blue seaweed, skimmed milk powder, chicken, chicken fat, egg yolk oil, seasoning (amino acid), carotenoid pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E) Salmon / lactose, salmon, salt, sesame, processed soybeans, sugar, palm oil, seaweed, starch, flavor oil, wheat gluten, chicken egg, powdered vegetable protein, seaweed calcium, reduced starch syrup, rapeseed oil, extract (salmon, yeast ), Dextrin, DHA-containing refined fish oil, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, dried bonito powder, seasoning (amino acid etc.), sorbit, processed starch, coloring agent (red sweet potato, carotenoid), antioxidant (vitamin E), perfume crepe Wheat flour, sesame seed, sugar, soy sauce, beef, salt, chicken egg, lactose, koshian, mirin, pork fat, starch, palm oil, powdered vegetable protein, milk, onion, soy bean processing, soybean oil, extract (yeast, beef , Chicken), flavor oil, seaweed calcium, skimmed milk powder, yeast, margarine, rapeseed oil, seasoned nori seaweed, spice, glucose fructose sugar liquid sugar, chicken, glucose, chicken fat, butter, egg yolk oil, seasoning (amino acids etc), coloring Fee (red (Carrot, caramel, red yeast, carotinoid), cellulose, swelling agent, flavoring agent, antioxidant (vitamin E, rosemary extract), spice extract, persimmon, persimmon, lactose, salt, flour, sesame seeds, sugar, koshian, Palm oil, mackerel scrapings, extract (fish, yeast, yeast), nori seaweed, soy sauce, starch, chicken egg, dextrin, flavor oil, seaweed calcium, reduced starch syrup, rapeseed oil, margarine, soybean oil, soybean processed goods, glucose fructose sugar, Yeast, skimmed milk powder, starch syrup, mirin, butter, seasoning (amino acid etc.), coloring agent (red yeast, carotenoid), swelling agent, antioxidant (vitamin E, rosemary extract), (a part of the raw materials fish Including classes)