Marukome "Tanita dining room supervision miso soup" Instant miso soup 40% of salinity cut 48 meals (4 kinds × 12 meals) Instant miso soup
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Weight 980g
Width 125mm
Height 195mm
Depth 240mm
It is instant miso soup of reduced salt type supervised by Tanita Shokudo.
It was reduced to about 1 g of salt per serving.
It consists of four ingredients: 1 vegetable, 2 mushrooms, 3 kinpira style, 4 mekabu and small rice bowl.
A set of 48 meals, each containing 12 meals.
Because it uses plenty of rice bran, it is a delicious and healthy miso soup that does not lose the rich flavor of miso even with reduced salt.

raw materials:
・ Seasoning miso [rice miso, bean miso, dried bonito powder (dried bonito, soda dried bonito), kelp extract, protein hydrolyzate, dried bonito extract, dried sardine powder, oat miso, dried kelp powder, fermented soybeans, seasoning (amino acid etc.]
Ingredients [Vegetables <cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, green onion, dried bonito powder, seasoning (amino acid etc.), sorbitol, swelling agent, antioxidant (VE)>,
Kinpira style <burdock, sesame, green onion, carrot, oil-raising, seasoning (amino acid), swelling agent, coagulant, antioxidant (VE)>,
Mekabuto <Mekabu, sesame, green onion, tofu, coagulant>,
Mushroom し shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, sesame seeds, green onion, dried bonito powder, seasoning (amino acid etc., sorbitol)], (Includes milk, wheat as part of the raw materials)