Aomori Prefecture "Seiten noHekireki" white rice 2 kg (about 13 go) 2018 year produced Chuck bag
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Weight 2000g
Width 67mm
Height 225mm
Depth 299mm
This "Blue Heaven's Kite" is sold in limited quantities. Please acknowledge when selling out.

"Aoten no Uta" received the highest grade "US A" for the first time in Aomori Prefecture.
It is a new kind of rice that has a passion for making rice!

"Blue sky rice cake" has moderate gloss and soft whiteness, and the grain is a rather large firm rice.
It is a taste that tastes elegant, sweet, not too heavy to be eaten, and it is delicious that you would like to change your mind.
Aomori's Aomori, born in Aomori, is a rice that brings the taste and enjoyment of rice to a new level, regardless of whether it is used together with sea, mountain, or village dishes. .