KOSE Yukikasei Precious Snow III May 16, 2019 Release Limited Edition
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Weight 200g
Width 67mm
Height 129mm
Depth 136mm
SPF15 · PA +
Limited release.
It is a face powder that can only meet once a year.

It is a face powder that gives the skin a clear beauty and a sense of transparency.
It's a powder, yet it's moist and smooth like it's made from snow skin lotion.
Contains sebum catch ingredient to prevent shine and break.
A beautiful finish without dullness will follow.
Powdered snow diamond powder combination.
The highly transparent powder naturally covers pores and color unevenness.
Even if it is piled up, even if it uses any skin color, it will have clear skin without whitening.
Two puffs, with soft case for puffs.