Nagatanien adult sprinkled mini part 2 20 bags into
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Weight 50g
Width 85mm
Height 68mm
Depth 118mm
Adult's Sprinkles Series 2nd!
It is a sprinkle that is perfect for daily rice and lunch box with various tastes.
The menu is “Wakawakame” where the taste of the rice cake and wakameme is firmly tasted, “Peil ume yukari” with a refreshing acidity combining plum and shiso, “Tochiomirin” where the taste of a slightly sweet sandwich can be enjoyed, and “Slowly spicy” “Mentaiko”, 5 types of “Meat miso” where the sweetness of miso is combined with the flavor of chicken meat.
You can enjoy different taste every day.

Ingredients: Seaweed granules: Seasoning granules (lactose, salt, sugar, sugar powder, maltose, flour, persimmon extract, yeast extract, green tea), persimmon flakes, flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), wakame seaweed / Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), carotenoid pigments, persimmon pigments, antioxidants (Vitamin E) Umekari: seasoning granules (sugar, salt, flour, maltose, bonito powder, soy sauce, bonito extract, matcha tea, yeast extract), Seasoned leaves, seasoned skewer powder, plum powder, sesame, flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, sesame vinegar, vegetable oil), laver / condiment (amino acids etc), caramel color, processed starch, Acidulant, red yeast pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid pigment, vegetable pigment, flavor, (including some wheat, sesame, soy beans) Katsuomirin: seasoning granules (sugar, maltose, flour, salt, dried bonito Powder, mirin, powder Oil, dried bonito extract, yeast extract), seasoned salmon cuttings, sesame, flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), laver / seasoning (amino acids etc), caramel pigment, carotenoid pigment, antioxidant (vitamin) E), acidulant, (including wheat, sesame and soy in part): Agate granules: seasoning granules (lactose, salt, sugar, maltose, flour, maltose powder, pepper, vegetable protein hydrolysate, matcha, yeast Extract, seafood extract, fish sauce), flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), sesame, Xinjiang agate, nori / condiments (amino acids etc), processed starch, red yeast pigment, carotenoid pigment, flavor, spice , Antioxidant (Vitamin E) Meat miso: Seasoning granules (lactose, sugar, salt, maltose, flour, chicken extract, powdered soy sauce, fructose glucose liquid sugar, kochujang powder, onion powder, vegetable protein hydrolysate Dried bonito extract, yeast extract, green tea, dextrin, pepper, rice miso, sesame, seasoned chicken, flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), laver / condiment (amino acids etc), processed starch, caramel pigment , Carotenoid pigments, flavors, acidulants, antioxidants (Vitamin E), sweeteners (sucralose), (including some milk ingredients · wheat · sesame · soy · chicken · pork)