Nagatanien adult sprinkled mini part 1 20 bags into
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Weight 50g
Width 85mm
Height 68mm
Depth 118mm
The first of the adult sprinkle series!
It is a sprinkle that is perfect for daily rice and lunch box with various tastes.
The menu is "soybean sobaro" where onion and ginger are added to sweet and sour sauce, "syochu" containing the flavor of salmon, "seaweed wasabi" that brings the flavor of wasabi to the spicy taste of wasabi, and this flavor is packed with There are five types of "Takarako" and "Okakagema", which combines a basic warmth and a healthy feeling of sesame.
You can enjoy different taste every day.

Ingredients: Beef soya sauce: Seasoning granules (lactose, salt, sugar, sukiyaki seasoning, flavor oil, maltose sugar, wheat flour, beef extract, powdered soy sauce, onion powder, dried bonito powder, yeast extract, green tea, dextrin, ginger, dried bonito extract), flakes (Rice flour, wheat flour, defatted soybeans, sugar, salt, vegetable fats and oils), ground beef, seaweed / condiment (amino acids etc), caramel color, trehalose, red yeast color, flavor, carotenoid color, antioxidant (vitamin E ) Sweetener (sucralose), acidulant, (including milk ingredients · wheat · beef · mackerel · soy · chicken · pork) incense: seasoning granules (lactose, salt, sugar, sweet potato powder, maltose, wheat flour) , Mulberry extract, powdered green tea, yeast extract), flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), sesame, laver, mulberry flake / seasoning (such as amino acids), carotenoid pigment, red yeast pigment, acid Antioxidant (Vitamin E) Seaweed wasabi: seasoning granules (sugar, maltose, flour, salt, dried bonito powder, powdered wasabi, soy sauce, green tea, dried bonito extract, yeast extract, salted radish wasabi), sesame, seasoned dried sardine, dried seaweed , Flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil) / seasoning (amino acids etc), caramel pigment, gardenia pigment, flavor, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid pigment, flavonoid pigment, acidulant, (part Wheat, sesame and soy beans) Seasoning granules (malt sugar, flour, salt, sugar, green tea, yeast extract, dextrin, fish extract, soy sauce processed goods), sesame, seaweed, flakes (flour, starch, salt, sugar) , Vegetable oil), seasoned cod roe / seasoning (amino acid etc.), red yeast pigment, carotenoid pigment, flavor, caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), (including some wheat, sesame, soy) : Seasoning granules (sand Sugar, salt, malt sugar, dried bonito powder, flour, soy sauce, dried bonito extract, yeast extract), sesame, seasoned dried bonito, seasoned sesame, flake (flour, starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil), laver / seasoning ( Amino acids etc.), caramel color, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid color, acidulant, sweetener (sucralose), (including wheat, sesame, soy, chicken, gelatin)