Niigata Prefecture "Shinnosuke" white rice 2 kg (about 13 go) produced in 2018 single chuck bag
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Weight 2000g
Width 76mm
Height 213mm
Depth 302mm
New Niigata rice "Shinnosuke" 2 kg
It is new rice of 2020 production.
Even if it's cold or warmed up, it's always good to eat!
It is a large-grained, slightly firmer, sticky, rich, rich, sweet and rich rice that responds to eating.
It is a new rice produced in Niigata Prefecture, which has been developed to keep it delicious even if it is stored for a long time or cooled or reheated in a microwave oven.
Shinnosuke checks quality and taste at the production and shipping stages.
We only deliver selected rice.
It is a zipper bag that is easy to save.