Sophie Hadamori Extreme Slim 290 for Many Nights · 29 cm · With Wings · 15 Pieces
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Weight 360g
Width 122mm
Height 109mm
Depth 123mm
Do not leave it on the surface until Drott and menstrual blood, it will continue Sarasara!
It is a very thin napkin that is kind to sensitive skin during menstruation.
Even during menstruation when the skin becomes sensitive, the "Dro tossed menstrual blood absorption sheet" is not left on the surface until the menstrual blood is dripped, followed by a smooth after absorption.
Because it is extremely slim and prevents leakage even at night on many days, it is light and comfortable and your skin is comfortable.

"Sophie is a slim night for slim night 290" is a napkin that is gentle on sensitive skin during menstruation.