Simmered seaweed with sesame seeds
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Weight 120g
Width 155mm
Height 10mm
Depth 185mm
The "new flavor cooking" formula has enhanced the flavor and finished it with a deep flavor and taste.
By adding the umami of scallops, the umami of kelp and the umami of scallops can be synergistically felt, and the umami can be felt abundantly.
A mild-boiled soy sauce made with kelp and refined taste of domestic scallops.
It is a mellow taste with salty taste that suits the rice.

Ingredients: Kelp, soy sauce, sugar, reduced starch syrup, protein hydrolysate, starch syrup, sugar syrup, fructose glucose liquid sugar, sesame, brewed vinegar, scallop extract, agar, konjac powder, starch, acidulant, seasoning (amino acids, etc.) (Including wheat, sesame and soy beans)
Ingredients Origin: Japan (Konbu), Paraguay (Sesame)