Marumi-ya Mixed Wakame Umejiso
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Weight 50g
Width 13mm
Height 130mm
Depth 190mm
The flavor is stuffed with ingredients, and it is a sprinkle of the type to mix in rice.
It is a gem that you can enjoy the firm flavor and acidity of plum meat and the texture of crispy plum.
Refreshing taste The flavor of white roasted sesame seeds is added to the flavor, and the rich taste spreads.
As it has moderate salty taste and flavor, it is easy to make arranged dishes other than rice as part of seasonings and ingredients.

Ingredients: Wakame seaweed, salt, sesame, plum meat, shiso, reduced starch syrup, starch, flour, plum, yeast extract, sugar, palm oil, seasoning (such as amino acids), acidulant, red cabbage pigment, sodium acetate, calcium carbonate, Alum