Marukome miso "plus rice cake additive free rice cake beauty" 100% domestic rice use 650g
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Weight 650g
Width 93mm
Height 115mm
Depth 115mm
Popular "plus rice bowl" series!

Marukome Founded in 1854, the first year of anarchy.
For more than 150 years, Markome, who has been making chopsticks, has made a pot of miso that uses the perishable chopsticks as a luxury.
It is finished in sweet sweetened miso with 24% persimmon (Soy 10 mixed with rice 24).

"Beautiful beauty" is a light-colored grain miso in which the grain of the rose remained.
Food additives are not added at 100% use of domestic rice.
Also, since the miso is unheated, the top film has a vent to prevent the container from swelling due to the action of yeast.
Please put on a flat place so that the miso does not leak out.

raw materials:
Rice, soybean (not genetically modified), salt