Mitsukan Ajipon PET bottle 600 ml
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Weight 721g
Width 72mm
Height 72mm
Depth 226mm
Citrus fruit juice, vinegar vinegar, soy sauce became one, and it is a seasoning pong vinegar "tasting pon" that is exquisite taste that can not be tasted elsewhere.
You can use a wide range of pot dishes, such as grilled grilled meat, grilled fish, salads, gyozas, cold tofu, daikon radish, and bonito radish.
The recommended menu is "Ponzameme", which adds flavor to the finish of the stir-fry and seasons it.
Since its launch in 1964, it has been loved for over 50 years, and it is a seasoning of Nippon's refreshing taste.

Ingredients: Brewing soy sauce, fructose, glucose, sugar, citrus juice, brewing vinegar, salt, seasonings (such as amino acids), acidulants, flavors (including wheat as part of the ingredients)