Marukome “Taste of Japanese food with miso (katsuo and kelp)” miso 750 g
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Weight 750g
Width 93mm
Height 115mm
Depth 115mm
Miso market share No. 1 product!
It is a long seller product that reaches the 36th anniversary (as of 2019) of release.
Based on the red miso, the bonito and the kelp soup stock were blended moderately.
It is a product that has been loved by everyone for a long time because of its rich texture and taste.
It is compatible with any kind of ingredients and anyone can make delicious miso soup easily and conveniently.
We support healthy living of consumers with old-fashioned fermented food!

raw materials:
Soybean (non-genetically modified), rice, salt, dried bonito powder, dried bonito extract, kelp extract, sake spirit, seasoning (amino acids etc.)

※ Avoid direct sunlight, please save in a cool place. ※