[Made in Japan] lumiere + rich milk 50ml
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Weight 87g
Width 32mm
Height 135mm
Depth 32mm
Japanese skincare from beauty salon
lumiere + "Rich Milk"
(Quasi-drug) * Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approved [Content] 50mL

Combining “dipotassium glycyrrhizinate” and “placenta” suppresses inflammation and approaches moist skin. Keeps moist for a long time.

【how to use】
Heat the appropriate amount (1 push) with your palm and gently press on your skin.

Water / squalane / lavender flower water / jojoba seed oil / polysorbate 60 / glycyrrhizic acid 2K / placenta extract / hyaluronic acid sodium / water-soluble collagen / ascorbyl phosphate / sugina extract / red pine cone extract / hop flower extract / shea fat / Arginine / Stearic acid / Glyceryl stearate (SE) / Glyceryl stearate / Sorbitan stearate BG / Carbomer / Caprylyl glycol