[Made in Japan] lumiere + softening oil 30ml
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Weight 101g
Width 35mm
Height 100mm
Depth 35mm
Additive-free cosmetics from beauty salons
lumiere + "Softening oil"
[Contents] 30ml

Booster (penetration) oil that creates a path to the skin. Even after application, the smooth texture of the moisture and oil content are balanced to prevent the makeup from collapsing. Luxuriously formulated with damask rose oil to improve blood circulation and make your skin plump.

【how to use】
After washing your face, warm an appropriate amount (about 3 drops) by hand and extend from the inside to the outside. An oil that blends with the beauty ingredients of moisture gel and penetrates into the skin.

Squalane / Arganian spinosa kernel oil / Ascorbyl tetrahexyl decanoate / Retinol palmitate / Tocopherol / Soybean oil / Corn oil / Damask rose flower oil

* Because natural oil is used, there may be some color blur, but there is no problem in quality.