[Made in Japan] KOMELABO Sake Yeast Extract Stock Solution (20ml)
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Weight 91g
Width 35mm
Height 35mm
Depth 120mm
A beauty serum chosen by 150,000 Asian women.
Sake yeast extract stock solution.
A sake essence made by Kanazawa sake brewery.

This is a stock solution of extract extracted from miracle yeast <FT15> selected from yeast (Japanese sake yeast) transmitted to the brewery.
It contains abundant balance of beauty ingredients such as amino acids derived from yeast, giving your skin firmness and luster. You can feel the “moisture difference” just by adding to your usual care.
In addition, animal-derived ingredients, fragrances, coloring agents, surfactants and preservatives are not used at all, so you can use them with peace of mind.

【how to use】
Face wash ⇒ <Sake yeast extract stock solution> ⇒ Lotion ⇒Emulsion / Cream 1) To improve skin familiarity
Take an appropriate amount and warm it with the palm. 2) Apply to the entire face with your palm. Apply to the skin after washing your face, and the stock solution will spread throughout the stratum corneum.

[All ingredients]
Water, BG, yeast extract

No fragrances, colorants, mineral oils, surfactants or preservatives are used.
* Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
* Use as soon as possible after opening.